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How is My Credit Score Calculated?

Payment history is one of the biggest factors for your credit score. Payment history determines approximately 35% of your total credit score. Credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages are common 

Credit Score Calculation | McHenry, IL

obligations that will be monitored on your credit and tend to report every month. If you are late once on one of these bills it will likely have less of an effect than if you are late several times or on several different accounts.

Second, the balances on your open accounts or “amount owed” will determine approximately 30% of your total credit score. It’s not that you owe a…

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Kia Announces $750 Rebate for Teachers & College Grads

From now until August 31st, teachers and administrators at academic institutions and college grads get an extra $750 incentive from Kia.

The rebate applies on most new models, including all new '08, '09 and '10 MY vehicles, as well as '11 MY Rio, Sorento, Sedona or Soul's.

The program cannot be combined with other marketing related programs, except the Military Specialty Incentive program.

So, if you're a teacher or a college grad...
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