Safe Winter Driving Tips

Driiving in Winter Safety Tips | McHenry, IL

While common sense tells you to slow down and be extra careful when the roads are snowy and icy, that’s just part of being a safe driver during the winter. In fact, safe winter driving starts well before you put the keys into the ignition. Here are some winter driving tips to get you down the road safely. Stock your vehicle with a flashlight, ice scraper/brush, shovel, jumper cables and a large bag of cat litter or sand. It doesn’t hurt to bring food, water and for longer trips, and never forget your cell phone. Maintaining your car should be done before putting your foot on the gas it limits the chance that it stalls. How’s the battery, tire tread, windshield wipers and washer fluid? How about antifreeze? Check these things beforehand. Now that the holidays are over, you’re not rushing to do last-minute shopping or driving to family gatherings, but you’re undoubtedly still on the go. Planning ahead is important in wintry conditions so know your route and check weather forecasts before departing. Remember that just because you’re taking the necessary steps to drive safely, doesn’t mean fellow drivers are doing the same. Prevent crashes by being proactive. Be sure to slow down and increase your distance between other vehicles. Always be aware of motorcycles and pedestrians and avoid fatigue. Lastly, if you are planning to drink, be sure to have a designated driver. Never mix drugs and alcohol with driving.

While following these tips cannot guarantee that you’ll avoid accidents, they’ll certainly keep you safer. But, if you do unfortunately find yourself in an accident and in need of a new or used vehicle, visit Gary Lang Auto Group, located on State Rte 31, between Crystal Lake and McHenry. They have 22 acres of vehicles for you to choose from today.

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