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Did you just buy a new car, or do you want your car to look showroom ready again? Visit our service center in McHenry, IL to take advantage of our new Auto Butler protection options. Maintain the painted finish of your new car or get that new car shine back with our new Paint Protection Warranty. Add in the interior protection to keep your car's interior surfaces looking brand new and clean. Maintaining your car's exterior and interior appearance and condition can elongate your vehicle's life and resale value. Maintaining it with Gary Lang Auto Group's Auto Butler protections services can save you time, energy, and expensive cleaning costs.

Auto Butler Paint Protection WarrantyVehicle Detail and Cleaning Service | McHenry, IL

Exposure to everyday outdoor environments can cause ugly side effects to the exterior of your vehicle. These include hazardous weather elements, animal droppings, pollution, ultra violet rays, tree sap, and more. This is damaging to not only your cars appearance, but its resale value. At most times, these conditions are unavoidable, so how do you combat the effect they have on your vehicle? You can go through the car wash every day or regularly polish your car, but that takes a lot of time, energy, and money to keep up with that routine.

Let our team do the work for you. The Auto Butler Premier Paint Protection Program includes a 5-year paint protection warranty and follow up. It involves a two-step re-application process giving you the new car finish and shine you want, guaranteed.

Interior Protection

Vehicle Interior Cleaning | McHenry, IL

Auto Butler's Fabrigard

Your day-to-day lifestyle has consequences to the appearance and condition of your car. Simple acts like eating in your car, accidental spills, entering with muddy shoes, and animal accidents or scratches can stain your interiors and decrease the resale value. Auto Butler's Fabrigard prevents these stains and preserves your showroom-ready interior. Fabrigard is professionally applied using high pressure coating to thoroughly protect all your interior fabrics including seats, seat backs, and carpets. It is water-repellent and the strong coating prevents possible stains from coffee, soda, milk, and other water or oil-based liquids. The fabric protection also elongates your fabric life by reducing thread-on-thread wear and tear caused by dirt particles trapped between the cloth's fibers. 

Auto Butler's Leathergard

A fine leather interior in your car is huge investment worth protecting. With luxury comes work. Leather interior requires frequent conditioning to maintain its original look and feel. Without regular conditioning, leather will lose its natural lubricants, become brittle and unyielding, and eventually crack with no solution for repair. The Auto Butler Leather Protection System is an extensive program of care including re-treatment of your car's interior leather components every six months for the life of your program. This system will keep your leather soft and prevent premature deterioration.  

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