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Why Do I Need New Tires?

You heard it from your Dad, and he heard it from his Dad… Use a penny to see if you need to replace your tires! It's easy and simple to place a Lincoln penny in the tread groove of a worn tire and use Honest Abe's likeness to help make your decision, today's conditions may make the "Honest Abe" test less than honest. It's not Abraham Lincoln's fault! Times change, the Lincoln penny didn't!

The Lincoln penny tread depth test has been used for many, many years as a supposedly accurate way of deciding…

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Why Do I Need a McHenry Tire Alignment?

Getting an accurate wheel alignment is the most important step to balance the wear and performance your vehicle's tires deliver. Getting McHenry wheel alignments on a regular basis will usually save you as much in tire wear as they cost, and should be part of your vehicle's routine, preventative maintenance. Consider it a tune up for the suspension on your vehicle.

Driving on properly aligned tires can help improve the safety of your vehicle, help increase the gas mileage you're able to achieve, and often makes for a smoother ride. Getting regular McHenry tire alignments can also…

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Tire Pressure Light - What Does It Mean?

Types of TPMS Service

If the vehicle you're driving starts to have low car tire pressure, you'll be warned, thanks to the tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) in your vehicle. The TPMS is often referred to as your tire pressure light. It comes on to warn the driver when a tire is significantly underinflated and not close to the recommended tire pressure. The main purpose of these systems is to warn Crystal Lake drivers if their tires are losing tire pressure, leaving the tires underinflated and dangerous.

Tire Pressure Light Service | McHenry, IL


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All About Tires

Do you think all tire stores are the same?

Differences in Tires | McHenry, IL

Many people think that buying tires from a dealership will be more expensive than buying from a discount tire store. This is definitely not the case. Gary Lang Auto Group’s service center often runs tire specials and offers tire coupons to vehicle drivers in and around McHenry.


Tire Warranty and Services

Typically, Gary Lang Service / Accessories can offer a better warranty than most discount tire stores. Be sure to factor the value of a warranty into the cost of the tires you are buying if they cost less down the…

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Best 2016 Cars for Families

There isn’t one perfect car or SUV for every family because families are diverse. They come in all sizes with different lifestyle needs. Does your family need a large SUV with 4WD, a compact SUV with a lot of storage space, or a fuel efficient car with AWD? Thankfully at Gary Lang Auto Group, we offer three dealerships with seven brands and over 800 new and used cars. Many of our new cars and SUV’s are...

Best Cars for Families | McHenry, IL
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Keep a Digital Eye Out with Subaru EyeSight®

Whether you're on the highway, in the city, or on a back road, you can never be too careful. So when you're heading off to your next destination, you can rest assured that the Subaru EyeSight® Technology will keep an eye out for danger for you, even when your attention wavers. It's available right now on the 2014 Outback, Legacy, and Forester, so check out the video below to learn about all…

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Spring Is Here And We Have Some Spring Car Care Tips For You

Spring is finally here!  If you are like me, I am dying to get out of the house and go out and do something fun to celebrate the warm weather that’s coming our way, very soon.  I can feel it!    

Spring is one of the best times of the years to think about auto maintenance.  It is best to prepare now, just in case something happens while on a road trip for Spring Break…
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2014 Chevy Impala Special Rebate for Chicago Area

2014 Chevy Impala - McHenry, Illinois

McHenry area Chevy drivers will be thrilled to know that Chevy has announced a special, extra $1,000 rebate on all new 2014 Chevy Impala's.  At Gary Lang Chevrolet, we know every dollar counts and this extra incentive could help you get the Impala you've dreamed about.

Come out and test drive the all new 2014 Chevy Impala today.  Gary Lang Chevrolet is located on Route 31, between…
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